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Prototype and Engineering Support

Autopilot houses a complete machine shop and a team of talented engineers under one roof.  We deliver time and cost efficiencies by prototyping in-house.  With the use of 3D printing technology, we are able to analyze results quickly and deal with specific details of each project while in development. Knowledge acquired from prototyping and testing is applied immediately to the project, producing the best results on time.

Precision Machining

Autopilot offers 3- and 4-axis milling as well as 7-axis turning with live tooling. Our shop houses state of the art CNC machines made by Doosan, Haas Automation and Mazak. We use Gibbs CAM software to create and optimize tool paths for our CNCs.


We seek challenging projects in which we can take as much responsibility as possible and add as much value as possible. We have found that taking this approach helps our customers be successful.

Automation is in our nature. We leverage technology as much as possible, wherever possible, to keep human interaction and creativity to areas where it is critical. This keeps costs low while keeping the highest quality product.

Metallic Pieces
Finishing and Assembly
  • Tumbling

  • Beadblasting

  • Polishing

  • Chem Film

  • Passivation

  • Laser Engraving

  • Full or Partial Assembly



Our Vision at Autopilot is to be a world class manufacturing company headquartered in Bozeman, Montana. We've been helping businesses and corporations complete projects efficiently and effectively since 2006.

Autopilot currently serves over 125 clients – consisting of small innovative groups, billion-dollar corporations, universities, as well as aerospace, medical, outdoor, government and consumer products enterprises. We respect client confidentiality, and are committed to privacy and non-disclosure of intellectual property.

Our capabilities, technology, and staff have grown by helping customers capture opportunities and develop products within a refined design and manufacturing model. This model will evolve forever. 



3 and 4 Axis

Year Established
Milling Centers

Twin Spindle

Live Tooling

Turning Centers




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